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well dressed grooves 

Here's a picture for you. The Bee Gees, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, and Electric Light Orchestra have a baby. A sexy, sexy, Well Dressed baby. The Henchmen's new album delivers infectious 1970's influenced grooves in a charming, entertaining way that audiences are connecting with. The band is unapologetically accessible, veering from the sometimes self indulgent vibe presented in the indie rock genre. They do it for the best possible reason: it's what they love - a great hook with an infectious groove. The result is a legitimately exciting, undeniable return to Live Music that will resonate with music lovers stretching across demographics. Indisputable fun. It's a pretty picture. One that belongs in a fancy frame.

Since 2016, The Henchmen have made a name for themselves in Baltimore, receiving noticeably enthusiastic responses while opening for rock powerhouses: Highly Suspect, Alternative Rock legends: The Wallflowers, and Slothrust.

"The Henchmen have figured out a way to be both retro & modern. There are so many styles that work well together here...the perfect blend of 70's glam rock, disco, with a touch of Elton, and a smidge of Joe Jackson, among others...a fun musical ride!" - Rich Fisher / WIYY FM

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New record, 'Terminal audacity', out now!


six time grammy award winner.

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We had a certified blast with The Wallflowers at Soundstage!

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August 14, 2021 // Headline Show //
Baltimore, MD

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In "Terminal Audacity" The Henchmen reach deep into the true golden age of music: the 1970's. The upcoming album is dripping with warm, groovy influence, yet still feels like something new.

Contagious hooks are delivered by the 1-2 punch of Kevin Hock & Lauren Padgett, accompanied by epic choir type backing vocals, drawing welcome comparisons to the big vocal choruses of T.Rex. Hock's multidimensional voice offers a rich soulful sound, with occasional grit and impressive falsetto. Padgett's enchanting voice overflows with trance inducing allure & warmth. Unmistakable 70's Moog Synthesizer, Electric Piano / Organ, funky Clavichord are complimented by a full Horn Section, bluesy Guitar, while boogie dance inspiring Bass & Drums complete the gripping ensemble. 

Each track on the album tells a story all it's own.
Groove Me Wrong is a sexy, blazing callback to the KC & the Sunshine Band disco era, done in a way that will be appealing to modern listeners. Non Stop is an ultra catchy, 70's Elton John type tune that compares the difficulty of holding a relationship with ADHD to being on a soaring flight that never lands. The stunning outro feels like you are gently floating away. Long Way Home covers the pitfalls of trying to help an alcoholic family member, while being the most likely to fit in musically with bluesy indie artists like Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats. Technicolor (You Make Me Better) sticks out as wild card on the album. While still undeniably retro, it takes aim at an even earlier time: the classic Otis Redding / Sam Cooke era of timeless love songs. Hook driven anthems Collecting Dust and Doomsday Lover round out the record in their own poignant way. The album truly feels like a "no skip track" release, offering a treasure trove of fun sounds and hooks, that will easily avoid becoming stale to the listener anytime soon. 

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